Sylvia’s Kitchen Paintings

Sylvia's Kitchen Paintings

About the Series:

Before a painting session with models, Sylvia paints a still life. These are of products that bring up an emotional response from her own childhood and mixed heritage.

The small paintings were an instant hit with many of her clients and friends, and she very quickly started painting small products as commissioned works. All of the paintings are life-size and painted in oil on wood.

The paintings provoke nostalgic reactions from many people, remembering their own childhood and seeing products that they grew up with and are often still using today. These paintings elevate everyday products into works of art and add personal warmth to any space instantly.

To quote Sylvia:

“Being a Manhattanite I’ve often found myself at dinner tables with people of different nationalities and have seen many similarities regardless of the different foods they were eating.I love the celebration of heritage and diversity through food – a place where peace can be had over a shared meal. A good meal, like a community, is a result of a combination of ingredients. What is YOUR mix? You can order a series of different products to reflect who you are. “

How to commission a painting:

Sylvia can paint any product or favorite object for you. Paintings are usually life-size and painted in oil on wood. They are generally small in scale.

You can simply send a good description of the product and where it can be found, or, if it’s hard to find, mail a sample. You will receive the finished painting within 5 weeks. All payments are due in advance, and paintings are non-refundable, unless damaged in transport.  All paintings are ready to hang.

You can pick any proportion (long and narrow ,square, circle inside a square), or Sylvia can choose a proportion that fits the product.